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July 10, 1999

July 10, 1999

(The following Message was received Saturday evening during the "laying of hands" at "Our Mothers call to conversion" retreat.)

"My children,

The battle has begun------ a line has been drawn. Where do you stand, my
children, for by the choices you make you either choose life in Me or forever away from Me. Do You love Me as I love you? Will you choose sacrifice or pain if it brings souls into My Kingdom? I need you, my children, so much to return to Me.

Always let love --- pure love --- be more and more that desire of your heart which will bring strength to endure in this life. Many paths are so difficult, but nothing,  My dear ones, is impossible ---- for I can do all things. Learn to always trust Me, love Me and walk this path to Me."

July 10, 1999

"Oh My beloved children;

Praise be to Jesus Who has sent Me into your world to guide you into a journey so filled with opportunities. Opportunities My Children, to draw others to the Mountain of Mercy. This place that My Son has chosen; this place where so many hearts will be healed.

Continue little ones in your undertakings. Cling closely to My mantle for I, your Mother, I am you refuge. Together we will journey to the throne of My Divine Son.

Hear My words for truth must always be heard and spread throughout your world. Do not falter from this path for ahead lies glory. Welcome my children into the service of My Son. I bless you, each of you are mine. Be at peace".

July 15, 1999

July 15, 1999

"My beloved children,

I am in your presence. I seek only your hearts. Join Me here - with your heart - united to mine --- for you know not the importance of what I ask. Time now is not your friend. You must use each moment wisely. I will shower you with graces. My manifestation you will see!

I am preparing my remnant--------- your bodies will tire, but your spirit will grow
stronger and stronger. (Brief dialogue in tongues). Prepare now.

You have heard My words many times. You have heard My Mother as She encourages all of Our children. Be not afraid. The time comes when you will be tested --- some beyond their endurance. Pray for My children pray. Trust Me!

Stay with Me this night-------- let us be together while time permits."

July 30, 1999

July 30, 1999

"I hear your words, Blessed Mother" (Pat)). "My beloved children,

I your Mother, the Mother of Mercy, have come to you this night asking for your most earnest prayers. The trumpets, My little ones, will soon be blown. The Father will call His Angels from the North, the South, the East and the West. Soon you will be left with only that which has been instilled in each of your hearts. Dear ones, do you not recognize you have been given so much because so much, in turn, will be required of you. The Chariots stand ready. The angels hold tightly to their reigns. Pray, trust, and pray without fear, but with great confidence in My Son's Divine love and mercy. (Tongues)

I wish your hearts to burn with passion --- passion for souls. What else matters, My children, -- but that which lies beyond this life. Prepare and persevere, for never, My children, never will We leave you. Rest always in Our peace. Do not search this world for peace --- for Our peace is not of this world. I bless you this night, for you are My precious ones -- My prayerful ones. Cling tightly to My rosary, for by praying, you constantly ask for My intercession. How can a Mother say no to the children She loves".

July 22, 1999

July 22, 1999

"My dear children:

You are so blessed-------- never take for granted these graces. I, your Mother, wish
only to protect My children. (brief message in tongues).

My precious little ones, please pray for peace --- peace in your families --- peace in your Country --- peace throughout your world; but, My children, the peace for which you pray must begin in your heart. Look to the valley below --- one light shone through the darkness and then another. Look now, My children, --- so many lights! You, My precious ones, are the glow from the candle of My Son's holy light --- one light is dim, but together your lights will brighten this darkness.

We come with reassurance of Our unending love, but you must be strong. Our presence here will soon fade, but the seeds We have planted in the fertile fields of your hearts will grow for so many of Our children (spoke in tongues) will not be lost because the word of My Son will permeate the air. He awaits all of His children ---- His patience ---- His love, and His mercy are yours, My dear children. You must be strong and you must --- you must believe that My Son's  mercy will embrace all of His children.

Come to the fountain of His mercy --- come here, My children, the signs and the wonders you will see. Trust always in your loving Savior for he truly has claimed you. You are His.

Be at peace, Oh precious ones!"