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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

September 2, 1998 (Mary)

September 2, 1998 (Mary)

My daughter,

This journey upon which you have embarked is one of fragile dreams bound tightly with Our love --- that strength which allows you to grow and mature in your faith. That which you have been allowed to see is very real and carries great responsibility for you will become the eyes of many. We have chosen Our little ones throughout your world as each must awaken to the urgency of Our call. The

world with all its false idols is on a rapid course of destruction --- there are all too few of Our children prepared for that which is soon to be unveiled.

Pray intensely, allow these remaining moments of your life to be prayerful vigils which will strengthen Our children with the serenity of Our love and peace. Be courageous warriors in this battle for souls as We stand ready to defend all that is Ours. Be at peace as Divine Love conquers all!

Peace and love!