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January 17th, 2012


The following text is written by Pat and was given during the Friday night Rosary.
No explanations are possible nor are they sought. They simply are understood by those whose hearts belong to Jesus and Mary. We begin in humility as the visitation was most unexpected. There were no tape recorders, transcribers, etc.; it was as it was apparently meant to be … an assurance that we are not in control, but mere participants in God’s Divine Plan for His children. Due to the mechanical and physical handicaps which were experienced during the message delivery, we have pieced together our Lady’s Message without quotations.
My dear Children, 
     I see my children who have gathered here tonight and I smile a Mother’s smile of joy. I am the same Mother whose heart has been pierced. I am also your Mother who desires to bring you courage ….. Our Courage ….. for these are grave times, yes, grave times … for many souls do not know My Son. Thank you for your prayers which you continuously offer for the conversion and salvation of many souls. Let Us pray together for all those souls to come to know… love…and to serve My Son, Jesus. He is the light which illuminates the path to holiness. Allow Me, your Mother to assist in your journey to Jesus. He is the only way by which you shall enter into the gates of eternal life. Stay focused on Jesus, My Children, stay focused on Jesus!  
The remainder of the message was in “tongues” and interpreted as follows:
     Be faithful to God’s Holy Will and use the graces he has bestowed upon you His children. Be faithful to grace.  If not used and used properly, these graces will wither and become parched as the desert sands. As the winds blow, these withered graces are tossed about and fall where ever a fertile obedient soul stands prepared to receive such grace. God then gladly nourishes the soul. Thus the Spirit springs into action. The soul, recognizing God’s great goodness, humbly submits to the Divine Will with total abandonment of self. Then filled with the “light of love” it calmly resumes its normal duties awaiting only God’s call into action.
Rev 2-29-12