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December 23, 2011 Christmas Message


Christmas visit & Messages of December 23rd, 2011
The following recorded messages and the described event was given by The Visionary during Our Lady’s Annual Christmas Visit on Friday December 23rd, 2011. A beautiful con-celebrated Mass followed including two powerful bi-lingual sermons given by two of the priests based on what they just witnessed.  At approximately 8:10 pm during the Litany, Pat went into the spirit and then began speaking very softly in a “conversation in tongues” in 3 different languages.  Then very slowly Our Lady’s message came:
“My dear children,
I am here tonight once again … with the blessing of the Father … who loves you so much … that He has allowed me to come … to share His love and His Mercy… to encourage you my children. Many here tonight … have sacrificed time, distance and sacrifice for love of others … to be here … to ask for intercession on behalf of those in need.
It is time my children … that you recognize … that time itself is a gift from God.  A grace given to each of you … at a particular moment of life. This is your time … a time not to fear … or allow anxiety to enter your life … but a time to accept that which cannot be explained. But only thru god’s grace … are you allowed to accept it. Will you do this my children … who do allow God to work in your life … as He chooses … not as you choose? For He loves you … and desires only that which will draw you closer to him. Be filled with joy … not fear. For God is always with you. You pray not to fall … not to fail in His desires for you … and yet it is exactly what you do. But realize, My children … that God is always with you . He has never left you. He knows your weaknesses … and the strength that He has given you. Listen to Him … for He speaks to each of you. Take the time to pray… to communicate with your God … and you will find that the peace that God desires … in your life … shall come to pass. Tonight, there are those who are very ill … those who have come for healing … to ask for intercession… the intercession of a Mother to Her Son. It is with faith and trust … that such intercession shall be done. I am a Mother who loves ….a Mother who draws you close to Her Son. Allow me to gather each of you … beneath My mantle … and there find the comfort and healing … that you need in your life. Remember needs … are separate from wants. God will attend to your needs. Pray….pray now My children.”
Pat’s now relates her vision: “There is a very … very bright light – a light indescribable. Within the light there is a form … of a most beautiful lady … Our Mother … crowned with a crown of gold. Not as we know it … for all that is seen is seen in lights. But this Lady, Our Mother … is looking downward toward Her children. Her arms are extended forward. Wrapped around Her arms is a beautiful rosary. But in each hand … the hand on the right is holding a ball or globe (I don’t know how to describe it.) The hues of the globe are inviting and peaceful … different colors of blues and greens … soft – soft colors … purple and the others just glimmer. I cannot describe them adequately!  In the left hand She holds another globe. One not so inviting. Perhaps one was of peace … the other turmoil. As I watch … She brings Her hands forward where both globes meet. The one of peace and tranquility … shatters as an explosion of lights … and there She holds the globe that brings us peace and tranquility.
She says:” From one of peace to one of turmoil …. with the rosary wrapped around my arms … I join them … and through the power of the rosary … through the power of prayer … the globe of peace survives … the other is eliminated. It is new life once again. New life, My children … for all of you. New life begins ... Christ is here. He brings new life to all … who open their hearts. Let this time be a new renewal … and new growth ... a new beginning … New Life in Christ!”

Commentary by Pat’s Spiritual Director
On the evening of 23 December 2011, a very beautiful message was received from our Lady, again encouraging the Faithful to put our complete trust in God’s plan for our lives and for our world.
Perhaps in an allusion to the wild fires which devastated this beautiful area last June, our Lady spoke of the glory of God arising from ‘such ash and apparent utter destruction’ and promised that new growth will come, ‘growth will come from your faith that God will nurture’. A very precious promise, indeed!
Our Lady also spoke of the simplicity of her messages, which too often are made ‘complicated’ through our lack of understanding. Her messages of God’s love, of God’s presence, of God’s peace – poured into receptive hearts, are ‘simple’ and yet profound words.
Our Lord speaks of this in the Gospel, when He says: “Father. . .what You have hidden from the learned and the clever You have revealed to the merest children!” (Matthew 11:25)
These messages should be received with the straight-forward and unquestioning trust of children who know that the One speaking to them loves them!
Following the message, the visionary related a vision of our Lady which is strikingly beautiful and again emphasizes the power of prayer, the importance of prayer for “new life . . . new growth . . . a new beginning . . . new life in Christ” to come into our lives and into our world.
In the vision, our Lady was seen holding two globes – one of peace and the other of turmoil. The two globes were brought together and the globe of turmoil was shattered in “an explosion of lights” so that only the globe of peace and tranquility remained.
As the vision unfolded, it very powerfully recalled a strikingly similar vision which St. Catherine Laboure, the “Messenger of the Miraculous Medal”, received on 27 November 1830. In that vision, now known as the ‘Virgin of the Globe’, St. Catherine saw the Blessed Virgin lift a beautiful globe which she seemed to offer to God in a gesture of supplication.
St. Catherine heard a voice in the depth of her soul which said: “This globe represents the whole world. . .and each person in particular.”
The visionary had no prior awareness of this apparition to St. Catherine Laboure before her own vision of the Virgin holding the two globes, which became the one ‘globe of peace’.
For those who love the “Miraculous Medal”, this vision of the ‘Virgin of the Globe’ received on 23 December 2011, is an especially beautiful gift of our Mother’s love and a powerful encouragement to more fervent prayer, especially the Rosary!
Following the principal message and the vision of the ‘Virgin of the Globe’, a third, brief message was given, which spoke of the actual experience of receiving these visions and locutions. The contents of a third final recorded message will be archived. Presently it is not to be published.