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Mass will not be held on January 26, 2020.

No habrá Misa el 26 de Enero 2020.

September 29th, 2006

Message of September 29th, 2006 

In prayer, let us hear and discern the following message that was received after the Friday night Rosary. Please note quotation marks are used as direct verbiage from Our Blessed Mother. Other remarks, which further clarify the intention or understanding of Her remarks, will be indicated in another manner. (Pat’s introduction.) In the silent whisper of Almighty God, may our ears and hearts become attentive to every word, which vibrates the inner most particles of our being allowing us to become immersed into His Holy Will.  May His words saturate us with Divine infusion of incomprehensible love, which arouses the soul to respond with complete submission. It thus becomes empty of self and filled entirely with this indescribable humility that says nothing but absorbs God’s truth and love and disperses it where God directs.  (Mary) “As I spoke to you this evening my child …… of unity and peace …… infusion of the spirit … rested upon the field of Armageddon along with the other soldiers, the weapons of Christ. But your breastplate was The Precious Blood and breastplate of my scapular and in your hand the rosary.  As you have walked with Christ these years, tell me what you saw ……..” (Pat) “There are many bodies … multitudes of bodies … all appear dead and yet … all are not dead. Those with the breastplates and the weapons of the rosary rise to their feet as though lifted by angels … the warriors for Jesus that you spoke of.  The faithful never die for we are protected, always with weapons … with your  words of love … the scapular and the rosary. We are ready. We are ready Jesus to go on again. We will march to the next battlefield and though it looks as if  we have been defeated …… we know we will rise again … for we are your warriors.” (Tongues) … “Yes Mother… You say that unity is so important …… it’s an infusion of love … love for God … love for the souls that He gives us to care for. You will have to teach us … for to be infused with such love …… I know not how to express myself …… but you Mother  will show us. You always teach us Jesus’ ways ……Your Son, Our Lord.”  Over all the fields of battle there has flown the same banner. It is white with gold fringe.  In the center, there is  the Lamb … only the lamb is not  white …… the Lamb is red. The Lamb has shed His blood that  we might rise again … refreshed and renewed  warriors of Christ …… sprinkled with the blood of the Lamb.”